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Get well soon: Spicy stirfry Supper.

Got an email back from Pizzatown, and they CAN make a pizza for me without cheese. They also said if I wanted to bring in my own cheese, that they could make a pizza using that as well. Cue dancing. In fact, if I weren’t still feeling sick, I would be much more enthusiastic. There will definitely be a follow-up post. Actually, I have a bunch of different foods I plan on posting out including Sunshine Burgers (my new favorite veggie burger, by far. If only they didn’t just come in boxes of only three), Starlite Cuisines gluten-free and vegan “chicken” Soy Taquitos. As well, there is a vegan nacho cheese (Vegan Gourmet) I’ve been dreaming of buying and trying for ages now.

I also think I’m going to try out Katie’s mustard marinated grilled vegetables, which I’ve been dying to make for a while. They look absolutely delicious and any excuse to pull out the grill. Plus my goal for April is to try out different foods and cook more.

Because I’m under the weather, the boyfriend made me a fabulous tofu vegetable strifry this evening:


Mushrooms, zucchini and carrots, and peppers and broccoli… oh my. Not to mention those delicious slivers of tofu. All combined with sweet red chili sauce. Could there be anything better? It was just what I needed to make myself feel better. Tofu has to be one of my favorite foods, by far. I just love cooking with it. Yum yum. Dessert was a lovely green apple (my addiction) and a grapefruit spilt with the boyfriend. I will take all the vitamin C I can get.


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awww what a super boyfriend you have!!

Comment by Chocolate-Covered Katie

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