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Tonight’s supper: half a medium acorn squash, sol cuisine original veggie burger spread with hummus, sauteed spinach, onion and chickpeas in fat-free italian salad dressing.

There has been a lack of updates on my part lately. But getting into the food: can I just say yum? This is actually one of the better supper’s I’ve had in a while and really easy to cook. I never actually discovered I even liked spinach until last year. Now I really can’t get enough of it, especially like this. And squash… well, what could be better than squash? I cooked the squash really quick in the microwave. I know you can do it in the oven and it probably tastes even better, but time was of an issue (I was hungry… now!) and so the microwave was my trusted pal.


Chocolate & Banana Pancakes.
April 20, 2009, 2:15 pm
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Is anyone else guilty of seeing products they really want to try, and then putting it off? I am notorious for this. I think it’s because I build things up so much in my head, and I’m scared the actual product won’t live up to expectations. Enter I.M. Healthy Chocolate Soynut butter. I’ve been flirting with this nut butter for the longest time, dreaming of trying it. But I put it off. Well, Thursday, I finally picked it up.


And of course, I tried it first with just a spoon, and then later dipped apples in it. From the very first taste it reminded me of Nutella, but without the hazelnut flavor. It wasn’t the best with my green apple slices, but I think that was more because the apple was very tart. I think I’ll definitely try it with a less tart apple next time. I really enjoyed it a lot. I also think it would go fabulous in a chocolate banana smoothie, so I will be trying that very soon.

In other news: I finally made the most perfect protein pancake//crepe. I’ve been trying to perfect these since I first read about them on some food blogs, and finally–FINALLY–I made the most perfect one of Friday. My problem has been mostly getting them to cook enough before burning to be able to flip them. And mostly I end up with a mess of cooked mixture not resembling a pancake what-so-ever. But on Friday, everything worked out so perfectly. I think the difference was I used a whole egg and egg white instead of just egg whites (oh, and I didn’t follow a recipe.)


perfectly flipped.


with banana and sugar-free syrup.

It didn’t occur to me until later that I should have added a tiny bit of chocolate soynut butter! Next time. I definitely will try making these again. I’m not a huge fan of carby breakfasts, but using the soy protein powder just doesn’t sit the same way in my stomach, and that is a good thing! I’ll have to go and pick up more protein powder since I used all I had left on this crepe. Until then, I guess I’ll have to crush my sweet-breakfast cravings with breadless french toast.

Product Review: Sunshine Burgers!
April 12, 2009, 12:54 pm
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I’ve been meaning to do this review for a while, but I always seem to eat my burgers before I can take pictures. Oops. This time, however, I made sure to take pictures before.

Sunshine Burgers are organic gluten-free, soy free vegan burger made from ground sunflower seeds and brown rice. They come in four flavors: Original, Herbs and Spices, Barbecue and Southwest. Because they are made from sunflower seeds, the burgers are slightly higher in fat (ranging from 10g of fat to 13g of fat) but also boast anywhere from 3g to 9g of fiber and 6g to 9g of protein. Oh, and did I mention they are awesome.

I first read about Sunshine Burgers in a review on-line and instantly got jealous. Gluten-free vegetarian burgers? I have my Sol-Cuisine burgers, but sometimes you just want something new and different. Then, one day when browsing a speciality store I found three of the four flavors, and instantly bought the Southwest, falling in love. Unfortunately, the burgers only come in a box of three, so they don’t last long in my house.And since the store I found them is a good half hour drive away, each way, they are not something I can buy often.

Cut to: Easter Sunday, picking up a can of chickpeas at the Health Basket, a store literally down the street. What do I find in the frozen section but Barbecue flavor sunshine burgers! Cue dancing in the isle.





These burgers are amazing and delicious. I know that’s not the best description, but they really are. The barbecue flavor is smoky and subtle. At first, it kind of reminded me a barbecue flavored chip (or, what I remember Barbecue flavored chips tasting like… it’s been a while), but it’s a deeper flavor than that. The texture is very meaty and filling, and the pinto beans fit in well with the flavor. The burgers are very easy to cook, just throw in a non-stick pan for 5 minutes, flipping, and you’re done. (They are already precooked.) They are a little crumbly if you try and cut them into smaller pieces than halves but aren’t too messy to eat. I enjoyed mine with a great green salad. I find they also taste really good mixed into the salad.

If you’re looking for a great vegetarian burger, give these a try!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter: gluten-free cupcakes & vegan icing!
April 11, 2009, 3:32 pm
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For special occasions, I enjoy making my boyfriend cupcakes. And he enjoys eating them. But I had yet to really perfect a nice icing. I had experimented, but in the end the boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan, and his cupcakes remained naked. It was back to the drawing board. What he really used to love was the icing I made when we first started dating and I still ate dairy. So I tried to think of how I could recreate that icing.

When browsing the natural section of the grocery store I came across Earth Balance Vegan Buttery sticks and it hit me. I could make said icing, just with a couple ingredient exchanges. And so, today being the day before Easter, I set out creating cupcakes and icing.


naked cupcakes

Making the cupcakes using the Diet Coke Cake method, I added diet orange pop to Kinnikinnick White Cake Mix (which is his favorite, as far as gluten free mixes) and some pink food coloring. I decided to make theme cupcakes adding Carob chips. They’re watermelon cupcakes! Okay, so technically they are going to taste orange-y, but still… watermelon cupcakes! All these cupcakes needed as a nice green icing shell. So pulling out my Dad’s old Pillsbury recipe book and my ingredients, I got started.


bright green… whoa.

I creamed my Earth Balance, added my sugar, milk, and vanilla and my final, special, ingredient (neon green food coloring) and whipping everything together, we had success. Lots and lots of success. And, of course, I had to taste it because I needed to know if it tasted like a big bowl of icing sugar or if it tasted like icing (there is a difference) and it was good! Sweet, sweeter than I’m used to, but good.


too much sweet for me. I need my Light Silk!


much better.


the finished product!

The finished product looks beautiful, and I have a feeling it will be two thumbs up from the boyfriend. I sent him a picture at work over Blackberry Messenger and his exact response was: Ohhh, yummm. I really, really can’t wait for him to try them. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to make him cupcakes with icing–at least icing that he actually likes–so this is a very exciting moment! Of course, I still have some icing left over, so I’m going to have to make an easter cake for the family to enjoy too. I’m just so excited the icing turned out, I want to share it with everyone.

Happy Easter!

Mexician Fiesta!
April 4, 2009, 7:30 pm
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I discovered these Starlite Cuisine vegan “chicken” taquitos at Pete’s Frootique in Bedford. I’d read about these before, and seen them on The Gluten Free Mall. Unfortunately, because these are frozen foods I can’t order them from the site, and I had lost hope that I would ever get to try them. So it was a great surprise when I discovered the corn ones.


They come in a box of six (for 8.99 at Pete’s, a little pricey) with a serving being 2 taquitos. Each one is a corn tortilla filled with a “chicken” flavored soy filling. These puppies are completely gluten-free and vegan. You can cook them up either in the microwave, oven or pan-fry. The first time I looked them up I did it in the frying pan (without oil, no need for it) and the second time I cooked them in the oven.



with pepper fajitas (plain yogurt instead of sour cream).

These are delcious. The outside is crispy and the filling inside is melty and tasty. I’m not exactly sure what the filling reminds me of, but it’s good. Creamy. Although I think they are really good just on there own, I think they are especially good with hot salsa to dip in. The plain corn tortilla lacks flavor on it’s own, so if you are like me and like spice, and lots of it, it’s best to have something flavorful to dip the taquitos in.

Another bonus: these also have a meatish taste, so even people who eat meat will enjoy them. My boyfriend and my Mom both said these were very good, and they are chicken eaters.

Get well soon: Spicy stirfry Supper.

Got an email back from Pizzatown, and they CAN make a pizza for me without cheese. They also said if I wanted to bring in my own cheese, that they could make a pizza using that as well. Cue dancing. In fact, if I weren’t still feeling sick, I would be much more enthusiastic. There will definitely be a follow-up post. Actually, I have a bunch of different foods I plan on posting out including Sunshine Burgers (my new favorite veggie burger, by far. If only they didn’t just come in boxes of only three), Starlite Cuisines gluten-free and vegan “chicken” Soy Taquitos. As well, there is a vegan nacho cheese (Vegan Gourmet) I’ve been dreaming of buying and trying for ages now.

I also think I’m going to try out Katie’s mustard marinated grilled vegetables, which I’ve been dying to make for a while. They look absolutely delicious and any excuse to pull out the grill. Plus my goal for April is to try out different foods and cook more.

Because I’m under the weather, the boyfriend made me a fabulous tofu vegetable strifry this evening:


Mushrooms, zucchini and carrots, and peppers and broccoli… oh my. Not to mention those delicious slivers of tofu. All combined with sweet red chili sauce. Could there be anything better? It was just what I needed to make myself feel better. Tofu has to be one of my favorite foods, by far. I just love cooking with it. Yum yum. Dessert was a lovely green apple (my addiction) and a grapefruit spilt with the boyfriend. I will take all the vitamin C I can get.

We interupt your regularly scheduled program…
March 31, 2009, 6:44 pm
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Two quick things:

1) I just recently discovered a pizza shop, Pizzatown, around here sells pizzas with GLUTEN-FREE CRUST! I’m going to check into if they can make them without cheese as well (I, personally, don’t see why they couldn’t).

2) Katie, the Chocolate covered Vegan, has a give away going right now to win a box of her favorite things. I absolutely ADORE reading her blog.  And so you know I entered! There are some non-gluten free items, but my boyfriend would equally enjoy those so wish me luck!

I also, since I’m getting sick, enjoyed a delicious chocolate silk and so delicious milkshake for supper. Yum yum.